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Stu Rees

Harvard Law 1997, cum laude

I represent hundreds of successful artists and many small businesses. The bulk of my work is in the areas of contract negotiation, licensing, publishing, television and motion pictures, internet content, trademarks, and copyrights.

I am not just an intellectual property attorney.  I have created over 3,000 single-panel law-themed cartoons ( ) that have been published in hundreds of books, websites, legal education classes and products.  


​Every client gets personal service from me for every project.

I am a licensed member of the bar in California, New York, Massachussetts and Missouri, which permits me to handle state law issues arising in those states.  Copyright law and federal trademark law are federal law, so I may represent clients for those assignments from any state or even abroad.


If your needs do not fall into my Areas of Practice, I might refer you to another lawyer.  I sometimes even refer to other lawyers for projects that I can do, but others can do more efficiently.



(Monday - Friday, 9-5 Pacific time)

Stu Rees, Esq.

9984 Scripp Ranch Blvd. #288

San Diego, CA 92131​​



(Attorney-client relationship does not exist until an engagement letter is signed)​

Areas of Practice


Entertainment Contracts and Licensing

Trademark Registration

​Copyright Registration

​Internet Policies


Most assignments are completed on either a flat-fee or percentage basis after I evaluate your needs. Please call or email for an evaluation of your case.

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