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Practice Areas

I help small businesses and successful artists secure legal protection for their brands and content.  Then, I help them license that intellectual property.  Below are each of the services that comprise the whole branding and content licensing plan.   
Name Selection


Whether it's the name of your business, a specific product or your creative work, choosing a name is a big decision.  I help you think through both the business issues and the legal issues.  A strategic initial choice will make the rest of your intellectual property decisions much easier.


Trademark Law


Once you've selected a name or image, I assist with the trademark registration application.  The Examining Attorney for the U.S.P.T.O. will often raise substantive and procedural objections in what's known as an "Office Action."  That's just part of the process, so be prepared for it, and I'll do my best to overcome any EA objections.

Once your mark is registered, every five to ten years there are additional trademark maintenance and trademark renewal filings due.  I help with those as well.


Copyright Law

Proper registration of your copyrights can greatly increase your leverage in the event somebody steals your work.  The copyright registration process is usually less expensive and faster than trademark registration.  But copyright and trademark registration cover different property rights, so you need both.


Domain Names

The branding process wouldn't be complete without acquiring relevent domain names.  Unfortunately, the domain name field is very crowded because there are millions of businesses and many are trying to use short, generic phrases.  So, conflict often erupts. 

I assist with domain name selection by steering you toward defensible domain names.  If a dispute does erupt, our smart choice of names and a supporting trademark registration will help secure a favorable outcome.


Contracts & Licensing

Once you have properly-protected trademarks and copyrights, there's a good chance your business plan involves selling or licensng those rights to others.  This is my favorite part of the process, as this is when we convert your intellectual property into income.  I've handled hundreds of successful negotiations.

Internet Law

I assist web sites with a number of early-stage legal issues, such as developing TOS, Privacy Policies, etc.

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